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Welcome to Eternal Extensions!

Voted number one in Michigan for hair extensions!  With so many options in metro did we become the best?  Our reputation is built on two things:  A fine-tuned installation method, and individualized client service. For over six years, we have been providing women with natural-looking, affordable, and non-damaging microlink extensions. Many of our clients have been with us the entire time!  Eternal Extensions is NOT a is a first-class extension studio where the star is YOU!  Have you been dreaming of longer, fuller, sexier hair?  Imagine being pampered in your own extension suite... getting EXACTLY what you want...and finally LOVING YOUR HAIR!


Helping women of every age, background, and profession finally LOVE their hair!

Do you want to love your hair? Let me know!

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What are microlink hair extensions?

Microlinks (or micro-rings) are small, metal rings that are used to install extensions.  Both the extensions hair and the client’s own hair are threaded through the ring, which is compressed and flattened in order to “hold” the extensions in place.  There are MANY types of microlinks, and just as many methods of installing extensions that utilize them.  This method is also referred to as “beading.”  

The links WE use are very unique in that they do not slip or slide out!  They are also much smaller than other microlinks, and come in 6 custom colors.  Our method is also unique in that the extension hair is custom tailored to the individual prior to installation, making sure your extensions stay hidden, and that you have the SPECIFIC result you desire!

How long do the extensions “last”?

Great news—you’ll never have to get your extensions “tightened” again!  As mentioned above, the links/beads we use do NOT slide out…therefore we do not slide them up either.  You will only need to make a maintenance appointment when your real hair has grown—thus moving the extensions further from your scalp.  The extensions are taken out and put back in using new links.  This keeps the extensions beautiful and easy to wash and style.  It also ensures that none of the hair that naturally sheds daily from our heads from becoming stuck/trapped in your extensions (which can cause tangles, extra weight, and damage to your real hair).  Some clients actually LOVE when their extensions are grown out a bit and go longer, while others like them when they’re newly installed.  There’s no set timeframe.  Overall, it depends on how fast your hair grows, and how you care for them at home.  We recommend 7-9 weeks, but you can decide what works for you.  The extension hair itself can be used through several installations.  

Is it safe to color the extensions? Can I get my real hair colored without removing them?

Yes.  You may have color services performed at any time.  And the extension hair WE SELL is virgin hair, so it can be colored very easily—either before or after installation.

Will these microlink extensions “work” with my hair?

ALL hair types are compatible with microlinks.  Your real hair must be at least 1” long in the back and sides and 3” on top.  Because ALL of your real hair is out, some clients choose to perm or chemically relax/straighten their hair prior to installation to make styling easier.  Exceptions have been made, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Do the extensions show when I pull my hair up?

We take great care to ensure maximum styling versatility when installing your extensions.  Your hair can be pulled back, worn up, or in a ponytail with ease.  We LISTEN to your needs for everyday wear so that you are able to wear the styles you want!

How do I wash and style my extensions?

You will be educated step-by-step on how to care for your new extensions during your appointment.  Please watch the video for complete instructions.  We want you to LOVE your extensions!  And that means having all the information you need to keep your hair healthy and beautiful!

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I was a total newbie with professional hair extensions, so when I contacted Sara I was hesitant and had a ton of questions. She was so patient and nice and answered everything and also worked along with my crazy schedule!! Best appt ever (and not even for the turkish coffee she served!) She's a sweetheart and does the MOST phenomenal job!! LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair now! It went from short and dreadful to long and the most glorious locks. It takes me half the time to do a full head of Sara's hair then it does my short hair! SO thankful for her!!

Bre D.


I emailed Sara wanting to have my extensions done the next day, she got back to me within hours and we set up my appt. This girl knows her stuff she was so fast putting them in, I was honestly expecting to be in the chair for at least 3 hours, she had them applied, curled and looking fabulous in way under 2! I've had them in for over a week now and I love it. Plus she is a sweetheart, I will be going back to her again without a doubt! I've tried a few other methods for extensions over the years but this is by far the best.

Stella P.


Sara is awesome. Her work is amazing you will be hooked. She is very welcoming and makes you feel very comfortable. She also always works around my busy schedule. Very professional. Hire her if you want awesome hair! :) Indira M

Indira M.